One Direction have spent the last 5 years touring the world, playing over 320 shows all around the world!

With the pressures that come along with this, it would’ve very been easy for Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall to call it quits and live like normal guys in their 20’s but instead they’ve decided that they’re not ready for One Direction to end, and neither are we!

There has been so much media speculation that this is the end of One Direction and we want to publicly thank the boys for staying on the ride and let them know that the fans are still with them…#tiltheend. What better way to do it than in a magazine that is regarded as the industry bible, Billboard Magazine

Billboard magazine is THE magazine for the power players who run the music industry, including the heads of record labels, producers, promoters, managers, music publishers and artists

We have come up with the idea of taking out a full-page open letter/AD to congratulate the boys on the release of their 5th album and let them know that Directioners worldwide are here #tiltheend.

We’re a fandom unlike no other, so we thought this would be a great way to recognise the boys as it’s something that has rarely been done.

Obviously something this big isn’t going to be free. We’ve been in touch with Billboard magazine to nut out the details and total funding required for this project is $6500 (AUD$8500) including all fees.

This will include a full page colour open letter in Billboard in the week coinciding with the album release

As a plan B, we can also place a full page black and white open letter for the price of $5000 (AUD$6500) including taxes and GoFundMe fees.

Any additional funds raised over this amount will be split 4 ways between the charities that the boys support.

The letter will be signed off as “from Directioner’s worldwide”

For everybody who does donate ANY amount, leave your Twitter or Instagram @ in the comments to be featured for everybody to see on this website when the project goes live.


You can donate ANY amount via Paypal, and you can do so via clicking the button below.


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Alternatively, you can donate directly via logging into your paypal account and using tiltheendfanproject@gmail.com to contribute

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You can download the application form HERE and then email it to us at tiltheendfanproject@gmail.com if you are interested.


You can check out the store HERE

You can purchase customised One Direction foil lyric prints that are perfect for framing. There are heaps of options on the store but you can also feel free to message us for any customised requests. We are always adding more!

All profits will be donated directly to the project. Feel free to leave your Twitter/Instagram @ with your purchase to be featured on the website!

Also make sure you share the project with the hashtag #TilTheEndFanProject on twitter, instagram, tumblr


We are 3 girls in our 20s from Brisbane, Australia. We’re massive fans of the boys… Went to all the Australian OTRA shows and we are very active on Twitter and Instagram- we run the account @2directionsblog

We understand that people are going to be apprehensive about donating their money to people they don’t know and all we can offer is our assurance that we would never do anything untoward with any money raised.

There has been a project similar to this before for New Kids On The Block which you can read about HERE to see how their project turned out for a bit more of an idea how your donations are going to be used

We have set up the option to donate through PayPal which offers a FULL dispute and refund process (not that you will need it) and really encourage you to use PayPal if it makes you feel safer about donating.

We have set up the PayPal account as a business account which means that we have had to upload a copy of our drivers licence, bank statement and proof of address

We want to be as open as possible so please DO NOT HESITATE to contact us with any questions or concerns at all

We can be contacted via email at tiltheendfanproject@gmail.com or on Twitter at @FansTilTheEnd

We just really want this to work as we think it’s something the boys are going to love


We would love to see as many people involved in this as we can so the boys and all of the world can see how much support they really have.

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